COVID-19 Press Release

22 May 2020

Sometimes, out of a bad situation comes good and this has been so true for us at Food Fanatics.

A whole new and very different side to our business has suddenly developed in leaps and bounds – the Food Fanatics Online Shop.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to take off our chef hats and put on our thinking caps so to speak, and we have come up with a service and menu that allows for an online and contactless food delivery service that is Freshly Prepared and Heat-To-Eat Gourmet meals that still has our high standard of quality with good taste and presentation.

Keeping to the true Food Fanatics creed, we also offer bespoke Gourmet Celebration Menus with an optional gift choice to help celebrate any special occasion. Our online shop is updated every week with new and exciting menus and more Homestead-Pantry products as availability allows. To make payment easy, safe, and painless, a strict no card/cash payment is available on the day of ordering such as EFT and online payment, with Snapscan coming soon.

Food Fanatics team of chefs have become “skeleton staff”, allowing for the high-risk employees to become the ‘B Team’ stay at home team, so that Food Fanatics is never compromised. Our office and events team are at their posts full-time but from home offices instead. Strict COVID-19 guideline symptoms testing is carried out twice a day according to the health regulations, and full Food Fanatics hygiene is taken very seriously. All suppliers entering our facilities are masked and made to use our hand sanitizers as prescribed.

In spite of receiving cancelation after cancelation of events from our year planner which was devastating to witness, our intention is to fight to keep our overheads covered and our dynamic staff employed. And with all of our loyal followers support out there, we may just achieve this.

Another decision was taken and this was to waver all delivery fees within our zones, and in exchange, to encourage customers to rather donate to our feeding scheme that Food Fanatics supports – Hyde Park Primary. May we all come out the other side of COVID-19, safe, healthy and stronger to fight another day.

Any questions, please let us know