New home. Same food. Best service.

At Food Fanatics we are celebrating over 18 years as the Cape’s favourite caterers. We have the experience, creativity and passion to make your event stand out.

We’ve recently moved our premises to a beautiful building that dates from the 1820s , possibly as a farmhouse to supply the garrison at Wynberg. It retains many original features, including internal and external joinery. Significant remodelling however occurred in the later Victorian period and further down the line.

Providing a unique and Victorian feel to the southern suburbs, The Homestead now provides beautiful indoor & outdoor areas, full onsite catering from the original Food Fanatics team, secure parking, and bar area to suit any occassion!

About the team

Elaine Rousseau and the team are crazy about cooking and mad about menus. Client-centered and hard-working, she is the aprons-on owner of Food Fanatics, with an innovative, modern and fresh approach to the preparation and styling of the food.

Food Fanatics tailors each menu and theme to cater to your individual style, budget and wishes. Contact us to make your event a memorable success.

The Food Fanatics approach to food and catering is holistic and wholesome, steering away from pseudo and fragmented meals. We work honestly with food. “Ingredients are perfect as they come,” say these fanatics, “and don’t need to be molecularly reassembled in order to taste good. They simply need to be paired in innovative sensory combinations, cooked well and served fresh.”


We recycle all glassware, paper  and tins. All our vegetable and fruit peels, are fed to our very fat worms , who are working overtime providing our herb garden with nourishment.

Social Responsibility

All good leftover meals are supplied to a needy school in our community. Read more about this initiative.