Meze Table

From the braai

Roosterkoek served with butter and cheese & apricot jam         

Moorish chicken and beef skewers, marinated in sweet paprika, oregano, olive oil and saffron,
griddled and served with pickled chillies

Karoo lamb Ribbetjies with thyme and lemon marinade and thick Greek tzatsiki on the side


From the tables

Selection of artisan breads to include ciabiatta, baguettes, focaccia etc served with
olive oil, balsamic vinegar and butter

Home cured meats to include Bresola , coppa, Mortadella and salami

West coast mussels served from “potjkie” with white wine, celery, garlic and parsley sauce

Antipasti grilled marinated artichokes, peppers, zucchini, slow roasted bella tomatoes,  asparagus and buffalo mozzarella

Griddled aubergine with chermuola served  with tomato, cucumber and lemon  buckwheat salad

Homemade falafel served with Hummus with chickpeas, tahini, garlic and our garden chilli sauce

Farm stall Preserves, pesto and pickles

Bunches of chilled grapes, sliced watermelon and fresh figs

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