Freshly shucked west coast oysters with fresh tomato, red onion, chilli and lemon dressing

Mini prawn cocktail with chiffonade of lettuce, tomato and avo concasse, Mari-rose sauce and fennel

Hot smoked Norwegian salmon with ginger soy dressing and sesame seeds and pea shoots

Seared tuna with sesame, Nori and wasabi mayo

Bacon, Jalapeño cream cheese and pretzel lollypops

Smoked venison carpaccio with cracked black pepper and shaved parmesan

Spanish chorizo and potato bites with pureed avo and chilli oil

Goats’ cheese, date and crushed pistachio

Brioche topped with soft goats’ cheese, asparagus tips and finely chopped parsley

Tomato and creamed goats cheese puff tarts with basil pesto

Brushetta topped with garden peas, chevin, mushroom soil and sprouts

Dark rye squares with beetroot, goats cheese mouse and fennel


Popular Picks:

Tempura prawn served with lemon grass, chilli and coriander caramel sauce

Bruschetta topped with Pork and duck rillettes, preserved kumquat and deep fried caper berries

Panko crumbed biltong dumplings with sweet mustard dressing and spring onion ribbons

Asparagus Spears wrapped in Prosciutto with parmesan and chive crème fraiche dip

Haloumi, mint and phyllo cigars with lemon and sumac

Wild mushroom and truffle tartlets with parmesan and sea salt

Walnut shortbread topped with creamed beetroot feta, candied pears and pumpkin seed dust

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